Car Loop Overview

Please follow the procedures outlined below. Additionally, parents should never park in the car loop line or walk their child through moving traffic. Please insist that your child exit and enter your car on the passenger side only so that he/she never crosses between cars. For the safety of our students and staff  everyone must act with care and patience.

Afternoon Parent Pick-up Traffic Pattern
Early parents will form the line around the parent pick-up loop and along the parking lot lane closest to the school building as before.
At the point when the line reaches the last parking spot on the right before the entrance, a traffic cone will be placed in the line and parents will be directed to form a second line to the left of the first line.
When school is dismissed the first line will proceed to the pick-up area as before.
When the last car in the first line reaches the loop, the first car in the second line proceeds into the loop.
Pickup Rules and Courtesies
It is crucial that parents picking up students adhere to the following rules in order to maintain the highest level of safety for our students and staff and courtesy to those behind you:
If you intend to get out of your car, use a parking space and stay out of the pick-up line. If you are in the line, stay in your car.
Wait until you are in the loop to pick up students. Do not try to pick up students in the double line.
Mind the gaps. Pull all of the way to the end of the loop before loading out of courtesy to those behind you.
Drivers in the first line should stay to the right to allow space for the second line.
The second line should be mindful to leave space to your left at the entrance of the lot for traffic to exit the parking lot.
ALWAYS pay attention to what’s happening around you/your car!


Thursday, September 19, 2019 (All day)