Grandparents and Special Guests Day - read for more details

Grandparents and Special Guests Day

This year, SJLES will again honor the generations of families who walk through our doors and play a vital role in the lives of our students by hosting our annual  “Grandparents and Special Guests Day” on Friday, November 17th. Grandparents and special guests of our SJLES students are invited to visit our school and engage in a classroom STEM lesson that promotes our intergenerational partnership in life-long learning! We realize that not all of our students have grandparents that can attend this day, so, for those students, we extend the invitation to a relative or friend such as an aunt, uncle or close family friend that has a special relationship with your child.  Please carefully read the details below regarding the grade level activities schedule, parking, RSVP, and signing your child out for dismissal with a grandparent or special guest that day. In order to accommodate all of our guests, students, and staff safely and comfortably on Nov. 18th, we will not be able to accommodate our guests eating lunch in the cafeteria.

We are looking forward to this exciting day and the many ways our guests support and enhance our learning environment.
Details for this special day have were sent home in hard copy Nov.3rd. Please send your guests’ RSVP, and, permission for dismissal with a guest back to school ASAP  Click here   and no later than Monday, November 13th. No child will be dismissed with a grandparent or guest without signed permission from the parent.

Special Activites per grade

Kindergarten 11:30-12:30

First 9:00-10:00

Second 1:15-2:15

Third 11:00-12:00

Fourth 2:00-3:00

Fifth 10:00-10:45


Friday, November 17, 2017 (All day)