Halloween Information

St. John’s Lane Elementary School will hold its annual Halloween celebration on
Wednesday, October 31 st. Please read the following information carefully so that
you are fully informed about the day. This year the parade will again be in the
morning. Students may come to school dressed in their costume (over their clothes)
and the parade will take place about 9:15 am. After the parade, each grade level
team will provide seasonal activities and games in the classroom.
Our families are invited to join us outside for the parade that begins at 9:15AM,
weather permitting. Please gather around the black top area behind the school and the
car loop area. In order to maintain a safe and secure environment during the festivities,
we will be unable to accommodate visitors within the building before or after the parade.
Assigned volunteers will be provided with a special pass for the day. We will not be
permitting adults without the special pass to enter the building after the parade. We know
we can count on you, to be understanding about this safety procedure, and we thank you
in advance for your cooperation.
COSTUMES: Costumes may not include toy weapons, masks or make-up for this
school event. Parents should help children choose appropriate costumes. Parents
or other adults joining the festivities as a volunteer or spectator must follow these
same guidelines if they choose to dress in costume.
ALTERNATE ACTIVITY: If you do not want your child to participate in the
Halloween Parade, please complete the form in today's newsletter. For children who do not
participate in the Halloween parade, an alternate activity will be provided during
the parade.
PARKING: As you know, parking is extremely limited at SJLES. If possible,
please consider walking to school that day or carpooling. Of course, there is no
parking in front of the red Fire Lane at any time. Please be courteous to our
neighbors and do not park on private lawns, especially on Southview Drive.
INCLEMENT WEATHER: In the case of inclement weather on October 31st, the
parade will be canceled and the seasonal activities will continue as planned in the
classroom. Students will still be able to wear their costumes to school. Should the
parade be canceled, we will make every effort to notify you by 8:00am that day
through the enews alert system.


Wednesday, October 31, 2018 (All day)