Virtual Learning Student Attendance

Student attendance for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will occur as follows: 

  • At the elementary level, both the homeroom teacher and mathematics teacher will take attendance, noting whether students were present online for synchronous instruction.

  • A student must attend BOTH the ELA synchronous session and the Math synchronous session to be counted present for a full day. 

  • If a student attends EITHER the ELA synchronous session or the Math synchronous session he/she will be marked present for a half day. 

  • If a student DOES NOT attend the ELA synchronous session or the Math synchronous session he/she will be marked absent for the day.  

Student attendance for Wednesday instruction will occur as follows: 

  • A student will be counted as present for Wednesday if they do one or more of the following since the previous Wednesday: 

    • Submit an assignment to one of their teachers 

    • Engage in synchronous instruction with an HCPSS teacher 

    • Complete work in the Canvas learning management system, DreamBox or Lexia Core5

HCPSS Student Absence Overview 

Regular, daily attendance is very important for learning and the overall success of your child at school.  Children are required to be in school every day school is in session unless the child has a fever or contagious illness.  The Howard County Board of Education allows the following excused absences:  death in the family, illness, or religious obligation

Please email all student attendance notes to ensure that your student's lawful absence is marked as excused and they will have the opportunity to make up work. In your email, please include your child's name and grade. Please remember that you have up to 5 days after your child's return to school to submit an absence note. When emailing a note, you will receive an automated message to verify that your email was received. Please do not send attendance notes to your child's teachers. If you have any questions about your child's attendance, please email

St. John’s Lane's Attendance Team meets monthly to review student attendance.  The team reaches out to parents to ask about excessive absences, late arrivals and early dismissals and to offer assistance if needed. 

A request can be made to Mr. Notari if your child needs to be absent for a non-emergency circumstance.  Students are allowed up to 3 discretionary excused absence days per year.

Additionally, it is important that your child arrive to school on time and stay until the end of the day. Excused reasons for late arrival or early dismissal include: illness, doctor's appointment, death in the family, or religious obligation.

For additional information please see Policy 9010--Implementation Procedures--Attendance



Thursday, September 10, 2020 (All day)