Wed, 04/17/2024 - 8:35pm

SJLES staff, students, and the community can now help to reduce the amount of plastic that goes into the trash by recycling it at our school! Our school will be participating in the NexTrex Plastic Recycling Challenge that turns plastic bags and film into Trex Composite Decking!


  • Goal: Collect 1,000 pounds of plastic bags by April 2025 to receive a new Trex bench for our school.

  • Plastics Accepted: Any clean and dry bag or film with the plastic recycling symbols 2, 4, or store drop-off/return to store.

  • Examples: grocery bags, retail bags, cereal/cracker bags, product wrapping (toilet paper, water/soda cases, etc), bread bags, dry cleaning bags, bubble wrap, plastic shipping envelopes, ice bags, food storage bags, produce bags, etc. NO HARD PLASTICS

  • Collection: Put all acceptable items in a recyclable bag which then can be dropped off at school or placed by a student in any collection box in the school. 


Please watch this video created by SJLES fifth graders to learn more  and check out this article from HCPSS News regarding how the idea for the recycling program started.