Car Loop Procedures

SJLES Car Loop Procedures

Many famililes utilize the car loop as an option for arrival and/or dismissal each day. Please familiarize yourself with our procedures so we can partner together in the safest and most efficient drop-off and pick-up process for students and families. Our current car loop procedures have been designed in collaboration with SJLES families, the Howard County Police Department, Howard County Fire Department, and HCPSS Office of Student Transportation. This was done to prioritize safety and to alleviate the traffic backup that occurs on St. John's Lane. School staff are not permitted to block or direct traffic on public roads. Please expect and plan for increased wait times to enter and exit the SJLES car loop at arrival and dismissal. We understand busy school car loops can cause unintended inconveniences. However, the SJLES car loop plan allows for the most predictable traffic patterns for our students commuting to and from school by car.



  • Students arriving before SJLES staff is outside to supervise should stay in the car. As soon as staff are present at the doors, students may exit the car and wait at the door with staff until the bell rings.
  • Please pull forward as much as possible to alleviate traffic on St. John's Lane.
  • Please help your child prepare to get out of the car once you stop by having their backpacks zipped, coats on, etc.
  • Arrival ends at 9:25. After this time, students not in the building are considered tardy and need to be signed in the front office by their parent/guardian.
  • Please see the illustration below for line formation and drop-off zone locations.






  • Dismissal begins at 3:55. Drivers are expected to be in the car loop, parking lot, or on St. John's Lane at dismissal.

  • Regular afternoon car riders (listed as PM car riders in Synergy) will wait in car loop groups with assigned staff members by color (Red Group, Blue Group, etc.), as illustrated in the photo below. Students that typically dismiss by bus, walking, or after care but have an occasional change to car rider will wait with “Just Today” riders. 

  • Students are expected to wait safely with their group. Students are expected to watch for and notice when their car is approaching and alert the staff that they are meeting their parent/guardian. Please help us support their developing independence with this by reminding them of their job as a car rider.

  • Please hang your car tag on your mirror when entering the lot. 

  • Tip: please keep a small, portable umbrella in your child’s backpack if they are a car rider. This will come in handy on days when unexpected rain arrives at dismissal!

  • Please see the illustration below for group waiting locations. 



  • Please stay in your car at all times. Staff will assist your child if needed as they exit or enter the car. Parents exiting the car can create unsafe conditions for everyone. You can support this by continuing to allow your child to practice getting in and out of the car independently.

    • Note: We understand that some children may still use a 5-point harness car or booster seat and may need help buckling/unbuckling. In these cases, parents can and should get out to help their child.

  • Please have your child exit and enter your car from the passenger side of the car and never cross between cars. 

  • Parents should never park in the car loop parking lot or car loop line to meet or walk their child through moving traffic. 

    • If you choose to drive to school and walk your child/children to or from your car, please park in our upper parking lot (northern end of grounds closest to Mt. Hebron HS) and use the walker door at the rear of our school near our relocatable classrooms. For additional HCPSS safety tips please click here

  • RIGHT TURN ONLY ONTO ST. JOHN’S LANE BETWEEN during arrival and dismissal.

  • Always yield to buses and pedestrians in the crosswalk.

  • We ask our families not to park on Southview Rd. at dismissal. Residents have reported numerous cars parked along Southview Rd. are creating blindspots for our walker students on that street. These cars also force students and families to walk in the middle of the road which is already narrowed due to the cars on each side.


Thank you for your cooperation and partnership in keeping all students, staff, and drivers safe!