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Strategic Call to Action: Learning and Leading with Equity: 2023 and Beyond


Every student and staff member embraces diversity and possesses the skills, knowledge and confidence to positively influence the larger community.


HCPSS ensures academic success and social-emotional well-being for each student in an inclusive and nurturing environment that closes opportunity gaps.

SJLES Jaguar Expectations 

  • Kind
  • Engaged
  • Responsible 
  • Resilient


The connections we establish by valuing our students, families and colleagues will empower our children to achieve success. All operations will be responsive, accountable, efficient and student‑centered. Schools, families and community partners, working together, will deliver on these four overarching commitments through a focus on student-centered practices, inclusive relationships, and responsive and efficient operations.

  • Value - Every HCPSS stakeholder feels empowered and rewarded in their roles and takes pride in cultivating the learning community.

  • Achieve - An individualized focus supports every person in reaching milestones for success.

  • Connect - Students and staff thrive in a safe, nurturing and inclusive culture that embraces diversity.

  • Empower - Schools, families and the community are mutually invested in student achievement and well‐being.


1. Student-Centered Practices — Students are at the forefront of every strategy and decision

2. Inclusive Relationships — Students, families, community members and staff members are valued, respected, appreciated and involved.

3. Responsive and Efficient Operations — Organizational processes are transparent, effective, and fiscally responsible to ensure that resources are equitably allocated, accessible, and support the success of all students and staff.

For additional informaiton regarding our HCPSS Strategic Call to Action, which frames all aspects of our work here at the school level, please visit 

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