HCPSS Winter Weather Information

Color Coded Operations Notifications

Effective December 1, HCPSS will launch a new color-coded notification system that standardizes the school system’s operational status to address each employee group and provide the following five options:

  • Code Green - Normal Operations (in accordance with the HCPSS calendar)

  • Code Red - Schools and Offices Closed

  • Code Orange - Schools Closed; Offices Open with Liberal Leave in Effect

  • Code Blue - Schools Open Two Hours Late

  • Code Yellow - Schools Dismiss Early

The HCPSS operating status will be identified on a new website: https://status.hcpss.org/. A full list of emergency closing sources can be found online.

Being Prepared for Inclement Weather

In order to be prepared for unscheduled closings during these months, or in the event of an emergency closing for any reason, please sign into your Family File at https://www.hcpss.org/connect/ to check how your child is scheduled to go home in the event of an UNSCHEDULED CLOSING.  Please make sure that it reflects how you want your child to be dismissed in these situations. In addition, please have a conversation with your child about this if it is different than their normal dismissal procedures.

HCPSS Recess Guidelines

Exercise outdoors is healthy and is strongly encouraged. It provides a break from the regular school routine, a chance to get some outside air, and an opportunity to burn off excess energy. If conditions preclude the full recess time, even a five minute break can revitalize children and prepare them for more sitting and academic learning. Children are expected to wear clothing appropriate for forecasted conditions when participating in recess or outside activities.

The decision to go out or stay in for recess is the decision of the Administrator at individual schools. On rare occasions due to extreme weather, a decision may be made at the school system level. The following factors are considered in determining if recess is to be held outside:

  • Temperature and humidity

  • Wind chill

  • Heat index and air quality

  • Age of students

  • Length of time outdoors

  • Adequacy of the children’s clothing

  • Condition of the playground

  • Falling precipitation (more than a sprinkle or mist)

  • Thunder and lightning

Generally, it is assumed that students will be outside for recess when the temperature combined with the wind chill is not less than 20 degrees Fahrenheit or the heat index reading is less than 95. Children with certain health conditions may need special accommodations during extremely hot or cold weather. Parents of those children should provide medical documentation and may be consulted to determine if other arrangements are necessary. During hot weather, teachers should provide students a water break before and after recess. Additionally, any student who shows signs of heat exhaustion or overheating should be allowed a water break during recess.


Thursday, December 12, 2019 (All day)